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Our friendly team of fully trained and experienced podiatrists are focused on providing the very best and latest treatments for a wide range of foot related conditions and ailments. We are highly qualified and experienced in podiatry and educate our clients in managing their conditions. We work as a team, combining our areas of expertise to help get our clients back on their feet, as quickly as possible.


Podiatry is a profession dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of foot ailments. In recent years the scope of podiatric practise has increased to include the lower extremity. Podiatrists can employ many methods in order to treat your foot ailments and associated discomfort.

The foot is an integral part of the human movement chain.  Its job is to adapt to the ground, no matter how undulating it may be.  As the last link of the chain, every step the foot takes is subjected to many stresses, both normal and abnormal. This is the cause of many of the problems associated with the lower extremity. Your podiatrist has the skills to isolate and correct these imbalances.


Ellenbrook Podiatry has been running since 2004. We have developed into a large podiatry surgery offering a full range of services, still with a personal touch. Our surgery is family run and headed by John Grygorcewicz, with 30 years of experience in podiatry.

We pride ourselves in making your visit both affordable and beneficial to your foot health, with a focus on providing a friendly experience. We have a full suite of specialists that we work with in order to get the best outcome for you. Our facilities are modern with our surgery newly renovated. We offer up to date clinically researched evidence based treatment options. Our sterilisation procedures are in line with currently accepted guidelines. You can visit us with the knowledge that we are up with the latest proven practices.